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In Loving Memory of my sister Isis


Monthly Archives


Rest in Peace My Denali


I should have posted here sooner, but in all honesty, I’m still emotionally wrung-out and sort of adrift. It hurt losing Isis a couple of years back, now Denali is gone too and so suddenly. I never saw it coming, no one did. My two girls are gone and I don’t know what to think or feel except a whole lot of grief. And guilt. How did I miss Denali’s heart disease/defect? I feel like I should have seen signs long ago and I failed her because I didn’t.

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I woke up yesterday morning to the worst possible news you could want. The vet called a little after 9am to let me know that Denali had gone into cardiac arrest. They tried to resuscitate her, but it was like Denali just wasn’t willing to keep on fighting. :(

She was doing so much better, and they had discovered that Denali did not have diabetes as feared. The low glucose and red blood cells was due to heart disease she had been born with and which had gone undetected on the more generic and basic tests. Saturday there was so much improvement, she was even being fussy with her food for the heck of it, and playing with some of the assistants there. Then Sunday morning, she started showing signs (difficulty breathing amongst some other things the vet listed) that warned them in advance she was going to arrest. They were right there, taking preemptive measures when she went into cardiac arrest. They had the cart there, and immediately started doing CPR and everything, but she just didn’t come back.

Denali was only 9 years old. I just, I don’t get how my little Denali could be fine one day, listless and anemic the next, then gone a couple of days later. I get the scientific how and understand that, I just don’t get why it was Denali. :cry:


Update on Denali


I’ve got a more substantial update on Denali now! When Denali was admitted she was suffering from anemia and her glucose levels were very low. Dr. Calista ordered up a number of tests whose results are starting to trickle in now. The cause of the anemia is unknown as of yet, but they have been able to rule out parasites. This has led them to wonder about the state of her immune system. An FIV test has been ordered for her and results are expected back by Monday. Given her low glucose levels and her elevated thirst, there’s a bit of suspicion that Denali may be diabetic, but again, still waiting for the results of her tests to eliminate the possibilities.

When I brought Denali in on Thursday, it was because I noticed she was not moving at all if she could help it, meowed like she was in pain if you moved her, and was refusing to eat. Thursday and Friday, Dr. Calista and her staff were working hard to get her glucose and red blood cell levels back up. Her white blood cells were also very high. On top of this, Denali was refusing to eat and so she was being fed intravenously. On Friday they had gotten her stabilized and I was able to visit with her for a while.

visiting Denali at the vet iv hook ups for denali

It was such a relief to see her active and happy to see me! I may have visited too long though because after about thirty minutes or so she was tuckered out and practically asleep before she was taken back to her bed.

More good news came this morning! Denali is now eating on her own and provided that the arrival of the test results on Monday bare news of a quick treatment, well Denali may be able to come home Monday! :) Realistically, I know this might not happen and the question of what caused her glucose and red blood cells to drop so drastically, literally over night, is still unanswered. But I really want to believe that Denali will be home soon and the cause will be something benign, which is actually still a possibility I’ve been told.

Please keep Denali in your thoughts, purrs, and prayers.


Not Feeling So Good


I’m not feeling so good today. Mommy just woke up, she not sleep so good lately and is very grouchy because other humans keep calling her in the early morning. I slept on floor by my food and water dishes so Mommy is looking weird at me ’cause I usually sleep on the bed with her and she’s used to waking up and seeing me trying to steal her pillows. It’s why she sleeps with many pillows. I still one, that’s okay, she’s got others.

Ugh. She’s going outside to feed Grandma’s dogs and their food smells yucky. Weird, normally it smells kinda like my canned food. Huh, Mom got a late start today and I should be trying to get her to hurry up and feed me like Discord the Kitten-From-Hell is doing, but I’m just not feeling hungry.

:sick: Food smells yucky! So not hungry, so tired, but I am thirsty.

ETA: Uh-oh, Mom noticed I’m not feeling so good. Now she says she’s taking me to see Dr. Calista. :(


Mom is Coming Home!


Oh Mom, I has missed you very much. I have been here all by myself with only The Kitten From Hell as company. Yes, grandma visited us here and there, but she mostly just checked on food and water, maybe petted us on the head for a few seconds then was gone. :(

Mom went with a friend to San Antonio, TX to a conference and they made a mini-vacation out of it. Good for Mom, she needed some time away I think. Not so good for us, because, yeah. Prolonged time between The Kitten From Hell and myself with no interference is a bad thing.

Hopefully Mom won’t mind the state of the house when she comes home.