My New Kitten, An Amazing Surprise


Your New Kitten Will Add Fun and Companionship to Your Life

There are few people in the world who do not enjoy a cute little kitten. They are not only a sweet little ball of fur, but are capable of entertaining their humans for hours with their antics. If someone has surprised you by giving you a kitten as a gift, you are in for lots of fun and a companion to brighten your days.

Since you will probably have your new pet in your life for many years, you will want to know the important details of caring for it properly. One of the first things you should do is find a veterinarian near your home that offers care for cats. Make an appointment to have your new kitty checked over and vaccinated with the appropriate immunizations. The vet can also provide you with information about the care and feeding of young kittens. This is important because young animals require proper nutrition in order to get a good start in life.

Although most cats enjoy a saucer of milk, kittens do not require milk once they have been weaned. Ask the veterinarian what type of food they recommend and whether you should offer free choice food throughout the day or if you should offer food at various intervals. As your kitten grows it will develop feeding patterns according to the schedule you set.

Cat owners usually prefer to have their pets spayed or neutered once they are old enough. The veterinarians usually recommend this minor surgery at about six months, but it is really your choice. Cats can become sexually mature well before their first birthday with females given to bouts of frequent meowing and males beginning to spray. Either of these behaviors are quite undesirable, so you will want to have your kitten “fixed” before that occurs.

Even after they are adults, most cats love to play. Activity is good for mature cats since it prevents them from becoming overweight and unhealthy. If your cat is your only pet, you should provide it with toys to inspire playful activity, and also take the time to play with it daily.

Annual vet visits and vaccinations are important to keep your new kitten healthy for many years. Most cats are social animals, but some tend to be more aloof. The more time you spend playing and cuddling with your kitten, the more it will enjoy and seek out your company.