Feline Health Care Topics


Feline Health Care Topics

Feline health care requires you to know your pet and find out when something is not right. Warning signs like appetite change, weight loss, and weakness can account for some severe cat health problems. So, aside from wondering why cats purr, you might want to think of a few more important issues that may come up.

Weight is an important aspect of cat health care. Proper weight is calculated according to the pet’s size and height. You can use a bathroom scale as a means of checking the pet’s weight by simply measuring yourself and then together with the cat. A sudden change in weight could indicate a type of illness. Your pet’s health care plan should include the weight check to ascertain that he or she is getting the right food amount to maintain a healthy weight.

Bacterial, fungal and viral infections usually need proper vet checkups. Other health care issues are metabolic diseases, parasites, and other congenital related abnormalities. All these issues account for some weight loss.

Your vet may prescribe some medications for your cat that are used to treat human ailments as well. Some of these meds consist of antibiotics like amoxicillin and cold medicines, phenobarbital, and Lasix. Even though the doses vary and the names are the same, never give the pet your medication. They need their own supply and different dosage.

Feline health care ideally involves keeping the pet groomed and feeding them food that helps in maintaining a healthy life. Proper vaccinations are also needed to protect your pet whether they go outside or not. Feline care ideally includes proper exercise which helps them maintain healthy muscles and prevent them from gaining excess weight. If you maintain a healthy environment and feed the pet nutritious food, they can live up to 15 years and even longer.

If your cat is experiencing health issues like ears and skin irritation, dental health problems, you may want to consult your vet as soon as possible. Some preventive measures also help maintain the cat teeth and prevent them from decaying or even breaking. Feline health care also means keeping the pet’s ears free of parasites and repelling ears mites. You also need to put measures to avoid flea infestation which might cause serious health issues. Skin irritation is usually due to skin allergies and scratching, which should be carefully monitored.

Cat health care does not call for a lot and does not consume much of your time. Just pay close attention to your pet’s habits and movements to see if there are any changes.

As mentioned earlier, knowing your pet is the first step of proper health care

Tips For Taking Care Of Cats


Tips For Taking Care Of Cats

Want to take care of your cat and make sure his/her needs are being met?

There are many cat owners who are not able to fulfill these requirements because they’re unaware and that’s unacceptable.

It is pertinent to recognize what these needs are and meet them before things get out of control or mistakes are made. Here are the key tips for cat owners who are looking to take care of their cat(s) and want to make sure things are done in a safe manner.

These tips will break things down and make it easier to progress.

1) Annual Check-Ups Matter

Are you getting annual check-ups scheduled and done? This is a good starting point for most cat owners.


You want to have a vet that is nearby who will be able to help with your cat and their need. This is how you will establish a good relationship with the vet while ensuring your cat is safe.

2) Preventative Care Is Important


Taking action and making sure the cat is being well taken care of is all about prevention. You want to ensure they are eating the right food, getting their medicine, and being groomed because this is preventative care that will help avoid long-term health issues.

3) Learn to Groom

The next tip is to groom because the cat will need to be taken care of in this regard.


Most will get an appointment with a professional grooming service in the region, and that is a lovely idea to consider. It will help progress with your cat’s health and keep things safe.

4) Professional Dental Work Helps

Now, this is one of those tips where cat owners do slack, and that is unfortunate. It can start to have an impact on the cat’s health in the long-term. It is vital to take a look at having his/her teeth look at on a regular basis in case things are not as healthy as they used to be.


This will eliminate some of the underlying worries that might be present.

These are the tips for taking care of cats as you move forward in life. Yes, you are not going to be perfect, and that’s a given, but you want to be as close to perfect as you can be.

These tips are going to allow you to get to that stage in your life as a cat owner.