Feline Behaviors- Stopping Bad Cat Behavior


Feline Behaviors- Stopping Bad Cat Behavior

If you own a cat that’s portraying some miserable behavior and want to stop it, you first need to understand the reasons why the pet is showing such behavior. In this post, we are going to look at the common cat behavior issues and how to put an end to them. Some of the feline behaviors are:

Aggressive behavior

Mot cat owners suffer a lot because of the aggressive behavior of these pets. The reason for this kind of behavior can be any of the following:

Pain- If your pet is experiencing any pain, it might portray aggressive behavior by scratching its belongings or even yelping. If you notice any of these reactions, you may want to take your cat to the Vet for a checkup.

Play and Bite- This is a common behavior with kitties, and it’s when your cat develops a habit of swooping on your feet. If your cat is showing this behavior, you can ignore it for some time until it gets off the aggressive mood. However, it’s also important to teach your pet to play with its toys to eradicate this behavior permanently.


Redirect Aggression- This is another type of aggressive behavior where the pet portrays aggression towards the source that disturbs it.

Avoiding The Litter Box

This is another common bad feline behavior that every cat owner has dealt with at some point. If you find that your pet is avoiding the litter box and you have to clean up the mess, you first need to know the reasons why the cat is avoiding the box. Some of the reasons for this are discussed below:

Dirty Litter Box

The lack of cleanliness is one common reason. Since these pets are used to cleaning themselves and staying tidy, they want the same for the litter box. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to clean the litter box after two to three days. Ensure you use soap, water, and ammonia to make the litter box appealing to the cat.

Noisy Location

Cats tend to be scared of noisy places so do not expect it to use the litter box if it is located in such a location. Instead, put it in a silent and quiet spot in your home.

Once your pet is used to a serene location and clean litter box, it won’t mess other regions in your home. As mentioned earlier, understanding the root of the problem is the first step to curing the bad cat behaviors.