Feline Grooming Tips


Feline Grooming Tips

Felines are good at keeping themselves tidy and clean, but there are times when they need some additional help. If you notice excess fur lying around the home, foul breath and feel sharp claws when playing with your cat, it might be the best time for a grooming session.


However, many people find feline grooming to be daunting since they always come out as the enemy. Here are some tips on grooming your cat without much resistance.

Keep the Grooming Sessions Short

Felines always seem to have better things to do than being occupied in a grooming session. So, try and keep the pampering sessions under 10 minutes. The quicker, the better.

Avoid The Bathtub

This one is a no brainier. Cats hate water, and the last thing they want to see is a tub full of water. Make the cleaning experience less scary for the cat by using pet bathing wipes. You will find special bathing wipes with cleansers that are safe to use on felines at pet stores. Simply use the cloth to clean the pet’s back, face as well as legs. It will get rid of the dirt, excess fur and dandruff flakes.

Brush The Cat’s Fur Once A Week

If you wish to reduce the amount of fur around the house, you may want to schedule a brushing session at least once a week. This not only acts as a bonding session with the pet but also keeps the cat’s fur in good condition. Find yourself a good grooming tool. The Equigroomer deshedding tool simulates a cats tongue and is a favorite among cat owners.

Offer Tasty Treats

Giving treats during the grooming session makes the cat happy. This, in turn, develops a positive relation between your cat and the grooming sessions.

Clip The Claws

For this activity, you may want to use pet claw clippers. Such clippers are ideal since they are easy to use and can safely clip your cat’s claws without having to worry about making them too short.

Use An Expert for Oral Care

If your pet is unwilling to let you groom them, you can use a professional. This is especially important if you are unable to brush the cat’s teeth. A lack of feline dental care can lead to tooth decay, cavities and other dental issues, which can threaten the well-being of your pet. So, in addition to an annual vet visit, you may want to schedule for dental grooming appointment as well. Using these tips for feline grooming will certainly help improve your pet’s health.